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Next Big Niche


Get My Complete System For $19.95 Lifetime Membership

I'll Teach You How To Find Profitable Niches, Make Your First Website,
Monetize Your Site With The Best Affiliate & Ad Networks, Build Backlinks,
And Show You My Secret That Drives Over 500,000+ Visitors A Month To My

I've Created 9 Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Courses With
58+ High Definition Videos 18 Hours Of Training

Find Profitable Niches

Find Profitable Niches

This course will teach you how to use Google Adwords & Google Trends to
find potentially profitable niches.

Start Course 1
Create Targeted Content

Big Niche Marketing

This course will teach you how to use my "Big Niche Marketing System"
that drives visitors to my sites.

Start Course 2
Make A Niche Website

Make A Niche Website

This course will teach you how to start making your new niche website
using plugins and the Avada theme.

Start Course 3
Affiliate Networks

Monetizing Your Site

This course will teach you how to join several ad & affiliate networks
so you can start monetizing your website.

Start Course 4
Pay-Per-Click Ad Layout

Pay-Per-Click Ad Layout

This course will teach you how-to place ads on your website for the
best CPC ratio for higher earnings.

Start Course 5
How-To Build Backlinks

Backlinking Techniques

This course will teach you some of the easiest backlinking techniques
that have always worked well for me.

Start Course 6
Website Traffic Analytics

Install Google Analytics

This course will teach you how-to use the free Google Analytics service
to monitor your websites traffic.

Start Course 7
Website Performance

Website Performance

This course will teach you how-to use the top 3 web performance
services to monitor your sites speed.

Start Course 8
Website Maintenance

Maintenance & Support

This course will teach you how to maintain your niche website after you
have completed all of the courses.

Start Course 9

You Can Own Your Future By Learning New Skills Online
Are You Ready To Master Some Skills?

Live Data

Read What Others Have To Say About The Next Big Niche:

Russell Lobo

From Russell Lobo:

"If you want to start a passive niche site, the most value for money
course out there is Aaron's Next Big Niche Advantages of his

1. It takes you from the start i.e. niche and keyword selection
right upto the end i.e. monetization in easy to learn and implement

2. It gives a unique keyword finding strategy by which you can find
keywords which I learnt in his course which I haven't come across
the IM world as yet.

3. It gives detailed videos on how to set up your niche site and the
plugins required. I learnt how to delete unnecessary themes etc.

4. It gives you details of many monetization avenues other than
adsense and even in adsense specific strategies how to increase your
CTR and RPM.

Russell Lobo, Taurus Knight

Jason Swain

From Jason Swain:

""For building niche sites while abroad, I recommend Aaron's Next
Big Niche course. It taught me everything I needed to know about
WordPress, plug-ins, menus, and more.""

Jason Swain, Based Bachelor

David Twomey

From David Twomey:

""Got to salute Aaron Jones for creating this fantastic course that
is most certainly the best value available for anyone who wants to
get involved in Internet Marketing, more specifically Niche

Aaron takes you step by step explaining in his friendly way,

1. How to find Profitable Niches
2. Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website
3. Create a Niche Website
4. Monetize your Website
5. How to Place your Ads on Your Site for the Best CPC
6. Natural Backlinking Techniques

You think you should have it all in the above, but Aaron goes one
step further......

Aaron teaches you, How to Use Google Analytics, How to Monitor Your
Website Speed and How to Maintain Your Niche Website when created.
There is nothing out there that will give you more value and
knowledge for the low low price of $19.95 one time fee with lifetime
access to updates. Yes, it comes with a fantastic Facebook Group
which is ever helpful.

Do yourself a favor, Buy Now, you will be pleasantly surprised."

David Twomey, Facebook Profile


Learn At Your Own Pace On Any Device At Anytime
Discover The Power Of Niche Marketing


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